Fit2Train Sprint Triathlon Training Program
June 26th - September 17, 2017 
Coaches:  Chuck Hobbs

   We at Fit2train understand that not everyone can afford or wants to pay for an expensive personal coach and that most want more than just a schedule to follow with no feedback. We also understand that most triathletes enjoy and benefit from the accountability and social aspects of training in a group setting.  That's our philosophy of coaching in our programs.  You are going to get much more than just a training program at an affordable price and have a lot of fun on the journey. 

Orientation and Program Q&A
Tuesday, June 6th and 13th - 6:00 PM 
Richardson Bike Mart
9040 Garland Road
Dallas, 75218
Thursday, June 8th and 15th - 6:00 PM 
Richardson Bike Mart
1451 W Campbell
Richardson, TX  75080

The orientations are not required to register for the program.  We understand your time is valuable and you may have other commitments.  You may already have a basic or complete understanding of the sport and are ready to go!

Sample Layout of Sprint Training Program 
June 2017
- Start of Program - June 26th 
- Heart Rate/RPE/Power Training and Periodization Seminar

July 2017  (Base Training Focus)
-First open water swim 
-Increase endurance and stamina
-Increase duration of sessions and introduce intensity

August, 2017 
-progressive overload and adaptation seminar 
-Transition practice
- Practice Triathlon (Rockwall Tri)
  We will do the race distance at an easy pace to make sure everyone is prepared for race day!   
         Note: If you have other races / events (including work / family activities) that need to be included in the schedule you can speak with your coach to get their opinion and revision to your program.  It's personal coaching meets group training! 

Training Program Features Include:
- detailed training schedule separated into 3 groups (Rookie, Intermediate and Advanced)
the workout schedules will be sent out via email every 2 weeks.
 - there is enough detail in the training schedules that you can do the training totally on your own 
 - it's encouraged that you follow the training schedule as closely as possible and interact with your Coaches and ask questions to get the most out of the program.

- if you can attend the Team Fit2train workouts and specific Rookie Sprint Program workouts you will get the most out of the program.  However, as noted above you could do the entire program on your own and have great results.

- specific workouts (outside of Team Fit2train workouts) for the Rookie Sprint Program Training Group.

- beginner swim workouts for program participants

- special Rookie Sprint Program 2017Training gear (TBD - hat, performance shirt... something like that).

- special "Program members Night Out" evening to get to know other participants in the program.

Note: For this program we can take anyone (yes, you the couch potato) to the finish line.  We will have the training groups divided into groups based on ability.

If you have questions about whether or not this program is for you or questions that are not answered here please contact Coach Chuck at

Fit2train Members
$149 without entry to race 

Non Fit2train Member Pricing 
$199 without entry to race 


During the program, non-member particpants will have the option to join Team Fit2Train at one-third off the regular annual membership cost.  When you join the team you become a part of a great team of all ages and ability levels.  You get up to six coached workouts each week, discounts at local and national sponsors, social activities throughout the year, reduced fees for team camps and most local races.  We have fun people on the team, folks who are training for just about every race on the planet, and we do not take ourselves too seriously.  

All Programs include 2.5 months of swimming and a few special swim clinics. 

*Race entry on its own is approximately $75.

No refunds. 


Sprint Triathlon Program Pricing  
If you don't want to pay via paypal (which accepts checks, bank account drafts, credit cards and more) you can ignore the pay pal screen and just print this form and send a check payable to Fit2train to:

142 Leda Drive
Dallas, TX 75218 

Your entry to the program will be reserved on receipt of the check.


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