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360 degree feedback evaluates an employee from all sides. This evaluation should be completed by the employee, the employee's managers/supervisors, the employee's subordinates, and the employee's peers. Provide feedback by thoughtfully and accurately filling in the information below.

Employee Information

Rating Scale

Rate this employee using the following scale:
  1. Consistently exceeds expectations
  2. Frequently meets and exceeds expectations
  3. Meets expectations
  4. Sometimes meets expectations
  5. Rarely meets expectations

Job Knowledge

Understands job requirements and expectations
Keeps up to date with training
Capably operates software and equipment
Follows company rules and policies
Shares knowledge with coworkers


Enthusiastic about daily work
Meets deadlines
Present and on time
Capable of handling multiple tasks at once
Completes tasks correctly and with accuracy


Treats coworkers with respect
Provides and accepts constructive criticism
Willingly works with others
Shares team resources
Contributes an appropriate amount of work


Takes responsibility for his/her actions
Capable of working without constant supervision
Makes sound decisions
Remains calm and effective in high pressure situations
Motivates coworkers to achieve goals

Overall Performance

* Indicates Response Required