Request a copy of your PTA Bylaws

Attention Submitter:
>Your role as officer of this PTA will be verified before you are emailed a copy of your Bylaws, Bylaws Snapshot Worksheet (and Standing Rules if applicable).
>During back to school time, please allow up to 5 weeks for processing, due to high demand. During the rest of the year, your request can be filled in about a week, or less.
**If you need a copy of your Bylaws Urgently, be sure to contact our office via Phone ( 1-800-TALK-PTA ) and ask to speak with Michelle Ortiz.**
Please Note:
According to the 2017 Bylaws Template and Standards of Affiliation, all PTAs must review, approve, and submit to Texas PTA for approval, Bylaws (and Standing Rules if applicable), every three years. Requesting a copy of your Bylaws and/or Standing Rules (this form) does not meet that requirement.
Your PTA must review the copy you are emailed and submit a request to Texas PTA to update (if you have no amendments), or approve (if you have amendments). All amendments must be approved by your membership prior to submission to Texas PTA for final approval.
Requests for Texas PTA updates and approvals should be submitted through this link if you are a Local PTA and this link if you are a Council PTA.Please visit the Bylaws and Standing Rules tabs at the Texas PTA Governance Webpage ( to learn more.
If you are planning to update or amend your PTA's Bylaws, please review these tips to expedite the process. If you are planning to update, amend or create Standing Rules, please review these tips to expedite your request. 

If you have any questions reguarding the review process go to the Bylaws page of our website for answers and a video tutorial. If you need additional help with your Bylaws, or have Bylaw related Questions please call 1-800-TALK-PTA or email the Member Services department for guidance.

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