2014 Volunteer Assistant Referee (VAR) Registration

This form is to be used by all U9-U14 RECREATIONAL teams to register the names of parents who are volunteering to act as the Assistant Referee (VAR) for their team.

How This Form Works
A registered coach should not sign up as a VAR. A team may have more than one parent VAR.
A separate form needs to be complete for each VAR.

Team Information

VAR Information

Please note that the VAR may NOT be the coach or assistant coach of the team.
(VARs must be silent while working). Volunteer must be 18 years of age or older.
* Did the VAR already attend the training in 2005- 2013?

VAR Confirmation
* I agree that to be a VAR in Fall 2014. I understand that for my team to meet the requirement of having a VAR, I must either:

* Indicates Response Required