SPRING 2015-16 - REC Schedule Request & Census

How This Form Works
The Census portion alerts us to significant team roster changes which will affect bracketing.
The Schedule Request section lets us know if there is a specific weekend or time of day which would require a team to forfeit. This is not a wish list. We only want to know about - situations which would compromise the ability to field even the required team minimum. For School wide events, please consider early or late games for specific days such as school carnivals, religious holidays, SSAT testing, etc. Only serious conflicts - which affect the entire team, not just a coach or a single player - will be considered.  Asking for a weekend off because you do not have a coach will not be considered - The team is expected to find a guest coach.
  • Team Conflict: Coaching 2 teams? Let us know which two and we will do our best to offset. (Team Name, age and gender information is vital)
  • All Season Conflict: Players with Religious or Language classes? Not guarantees, but will make effort to minimize game play during compromised hours. We will not make schedule adjustments for other sports.
  • Bye Request: Teams may request ONE day or weekend off, however, there is no guarantee that it will be granted. Be sure to note whether a first or last game of the day/weekend will serve as an alternative should a bye not be possible. 
  • Game Time Request: Have a school carnival, so don't need the day - but do need a morning or Sunday game? Let us know in this section. One specific day/time request per team.
One submission per team. 
  • This form may be updated until FEBRUARY 10TH

For the SPRING 2016 schedule this is an: *

Team Gender *

Spring 2016 Note
On the Rec side, based on the number of registered teams, we will have a combined Boys U12/U13 division and Girls U13/U14 division. 
I understand that if I am a U12 or U13 boys team or a U13 and U14 girls team that I will play in a combined division.

Spring Season Team Census
If there have been significant changes to your team roster (ie, you've combined teams, lost or added players which impact bracketing), please let us know below. Absent any response, SFYS will bracket your team based on Fall standings.
Has your team roster changed significantly in a way that would render your Fall standings insufficient for spring bracketing? *
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Do all or most of your players attend one school? *

Full Season Team Conflict
If your Head Coach coaches another team you may provide the Team Name and Affinity Team ID of the other team.
  • It is not possible for the scheduler to accommodate a conflict between more than two teams
    (Rec and/or CCSL Prep)

  • It is not possible to accommodate conflicts with CCSL Travel teams or Microsoccer teams.
    We do not control those schedules.

  • At least one of the teams will need to have an alternative F-licensed, CalNorth Live Scanned  Asst. Coach because conflicts will occur.

  • It is impossible to manage every request. Priority is given to teams which volunteer for the League. Let us know how you intend to contribute in exchange for special consideration by completing the Volunteer Assignment field inputs below.  (If you are already a volunteer coach, let us know that too.)
In exchange for conflict consideration, is someone from your team is willing to significantly volunteer with the league? *

In exchange for coach conflict consideration, our Team League Volunteer is willing to : *
Conflict Team Gender *

BYE Request
REMEMBER : We will never force another team to take a bye just because of a request.
The only compulsory BYES are those that result in the schedule because of an odd number of teams. However, there are instances where an entire team will be affected by a school event or break, and for these situations the league will make every effort to accommodate.

  • In general, it is easier for the league to grant a morning or late afternoon match rather than grant a BYE request. If you make a bye request, please make sure and give us a back-up suggestion (i.e., first game of the day or last game of the day, Saturday or Sunday instead).
  • BYE games will NOT be made up, so later or earlier in the day is better because it at least gives a chance for the game to be held.

  • Keep in mind that because BYE games will NOT be made up, the total number of games your team gets in the season will be compromised.
Spring Season 2016

Season Begins : Saturday 12 March
  • ALL AGES: Games will be scheduled on Saturdays and/or Sundays, except U8, which is Saturday only.
    Field space is so impacted due to massive growth in both youth soccer and baseball, that league-wide,
    U9+ field allocations are across both weekend days. You will only have one game per weekend, but the day may be different week over week.

  • No Games will be scheduled the weekend of March 26/27
Season Ends : on or by Weekend of May 21/22

We are requesting a BYE *
Reminder: Coach conflict does not qualify for a BYE.
Get a Guest Coach if you will be out of town for a game.
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We need a bye because *
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If a BYE cannot be granted, which time of day would your team most likely be able to field enough players to compete? *

Game Time Request

Some teams have a set of players with common commitments (like Saturday morning language classes). If such a situation affects your team, please let us know. As ever, no guarantees, but we will make every effort.
All Season Time Request
Is there a full season conflict that affects the fielding of your team at a certain time of day? *
We need: *
Specific Date Time Request
Our team has a game time request for a specific date: *
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We need: *
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