Jazz Championship Bid Form
Championship Date - Friday and Saturday, April 13, 14, 2018
Deadline to submit - August 15, 2017

Host locations will be selected by Jazz Committee

*Cavalcade will provide financial support for the use of your school and hospitality food for directors, judges and exhibition bands in the amount of $450 for each show. There will not be any other fees paid to each championship host.

We ask for you to provide:
*Suitable auditorium
*Use of 12 classrooms for bands
*No sight reading room necessary this year
*Good sound system with experienced sound tech
*Active band parent organization
*Large lobby area for ticket table, vendors
*Warm-up room near stage
*Use of cafeteria
*You will control and keep all cafeteria profits
*Hospitality room (refreshments) for directors, exhibition band, and judges
*Ticket takers, hand stamps
*Ushers at doors
*Any custodial fees
*Qualified sound person (adults only)
*Parking help
*Student band guides
*Tables for vendors
*Registration table
*Stage Crew
*Front money for tickets (take back at end of show)
*Cavalcade is not responsible for classroom security

Cavalcade will:
*Communicate with all directors
*Construct a performance schedule
*Provide show publicity
*Keep all gate proceeds received at each show
*Make arrangements for any vendors
*Schedule exhibition bands
*Pay all judges fees
*Provide program book as part of admission
*Coordinate and pay for all plaques, medals and certificates

I can host the Jazz Championship on Friday, April 13 AND Saturday April 14, 2018  
I can host the Jazz Championship just on Friday, April 13, 2018  
I can host the Jazz Championship just on Saturday April 14, 2018  
Has your school hosted a CBA Jazz show in the past ?  
When you are hosting at Champs and if your band is placed in a division at a different location that evening, are you willing to opt up a division so that you can stay at your school while hosting? - or be judged in exhibition at your school?