Custom Enterprise Service

Choose a Custom Solution

Custom Enterprise plans are available for customers with requirements beyond our Enterprise 1 plan. We can customize one or more accounts to meet your needs. We can also dedicate one or more servers to your account(s) if the level of activity you will generate requires it. Some of our clients run on multiple dedicated servers due to the scale of their operations.

Factors that determine how limits, and in turn pricing, are established include: number of accounts, number of forms in each account, number of stored submissions per form, number of monthly submissions across all forms, and file storage space.

Not sure if the enterprise plan is for you? Read profiles of other enterprise customers to see how we have created solutions for them.

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Account Consolidation

Many organizations will start with one or two FormSite accounts. More accounts can be set up as usage increases, allowing a given organization to grow to a large number of accounts. At your request, we can sync all account renewal dates and bill under a single invoice, greatly increasing your control and reducing your administrative costs.

White Label Service

We can configure one or more servers to run a White Label version of under the domain of your choosing, using your logo and company name. Typical customers are those with more than 1000 accounts or more than 1000 forms. Each setup is custom and may or may not involve one or more dedicated servers. Pricing starts at $2500 monthly. Please give us a call for more information at 630-737-1890.