So, what did you think?


If you attended the SCP Fedewa New Year's Eve Party at the National Postal Museum on December 31st, 2000, we want to hear from you! Please take the time to complete our survey, telling us what you didn't like as well as what you think we should keep. Your feedback will help us improve future events. You may skip any question you wish, and you may even remain anonymous if you desire—but the more information you provide, the more value we get out of your feedback.



How did you purchase your ticket(s)?
When did you claim your ticket(s)?


Was the party more or less then you expected?
Reasons you attended this event (check all that apply):
Was this the first SCP New Year's Eve party you attended?
Was this the first SCP event you attended?
All things considered, how would you rate this year's event compared to other SCP and non-SCP New Year's Eve parties you have been to?


How did you like the band (Truth Groove)?


Did you stay overnight at the Phoenix Park Hotel?


How did you like the site (the National Postal Museum)?
What did you think of the size of the crowd?


Did you attend the "day after" event with The Velveteens?
How do you rate the 1/1 event?


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