Images of Forgiveness

Arts of Forgiveness

Thank you for submitting an entry to the Images of Forgiveness Awards! Your participation will enrich everyone who attends the event this year, and all who see and hear about it through the press and this website, worldwide.
Any original image that you make that evokes, for you, the spirit of forgiveness, will be considered by the judges.
We hope that your participation will benefit you, both personally and professionally. Our commitment is to highlight the winning art to the maximum possible audience, and to treat your creative work with the highest respect.
You may enter a sculpture, multi-media work, collage, wall-hanging or any visual object. If your entry is not a conventional piece of flat art that can easily be framed, please submit a series of stills of your work that communicate its meaning, in either time or space.
1. To submit a nomination, please first review the Entry Qualifications and background, at http://www.hawaiiforgivenessproject.org/awards/.
Here you will also find samples of previous winners of Forgiveness Arts Awards, both Images and Poetry, so you have an idea of what judges are looking for.
2. Then fill out the form below; carefully describe yourself and your work, and the connection of the piece you submit to the theme of forgiveness. This personal description is often quite important in deciding award winners.
3. Finally, please provide us with contact information that will allow us to quickly and easily reach you, if you are a winner or runner-up.

The Hawai'i Forgiveness Project

You may also contact us as follows:
by mail:

Elizabeth Reveley
Hawai'i Forgiveness Project
45-430 Lupo St.
Kaneohe, HI 96744

by phone: 
Michael North 808-638-7100
email: info@hawaiiforgivenessproject.org


We support forgiveness in all its religious, artistic, personal, justice, educational, social and political forms.

Please click the "submit" button below, once. Wait for your file attachment to upload; it may take some time. When the process is complete, you will see a thank you and acknowledgment, and you will receive a confirming email.
Deadline for receipt of entries is midnight, Monday, July 31. Winners will be informed by the afternoon of August 3 at the latest, with awards presented in person in Honolulu, August 7, 2017, 2:00 to 5:00 pm, Central Union Church.
Please plan to be there, if you are a winner, so everyone can meet you and congratulate you!