Home Service Application

Get books, movies and music delivered monthly by our friendly volunteers or through the U.S. mail. Request what you want or let staff pick for you.
How much does it cost?
  • It’s free
  • No fees or late fines
  • No mailing costs
Who can get it?
  • Jefferson County residents
  • Permanently disabled or recovering from an injury for more than 3 months
  • Unable to come to the library unaided
How do I get the items I want?
Contact us: 303-275-6173 | homeservices@jeffcolibrary.org
Or order online at jeffcolibrary.org
How do I get started?
Fill out this form, pick up an application at the library, or call 303-275-6173 .
Do you have a library card?
For how long will you need this service?
How would you like to receive items: