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Formsite is a service of Vroman Systems, Inc, a private corporation based in suburban Chicago, Illinois. Vroman Systems, Inc has maintained financial independence with no outside investors since its inception.


In the spring of 1998, Randy Vroman was performing contract development work for a client and witnessed a marketing manager approach the IT manager and ask for help building an Internet survey. The IT manager told the marketing manager that his team was too backlogged and that it would be quite some time before his team could help with the survey. Randy thought to himself that he may be able to build a tool enabling the marketing manager to build the survey herself. He started Formsite as a side project and it immediately gained traction. At the end of 1999 Randy began working full time on Formsite.


Companies using Formsite range from small start-ups creating secure order/registration forms to major corporations such as Lucent, UPS, Xerox, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Motorola, and GE Capital. We offer customized versions of our software for large customers including white label options.

Cloud computing

Formsite services are exclusively located in the cloud, which gives us the ability to create capacity on the fly, provide more efficient global service, and reduce the dependency on a single geographic location. Cloud servicing offers our customers the peace of mind that comes with virtual computing and knowing that their data is secure. Since the cloud is made up of a large network of computing systems, data is invulnerable to physical events like hard drive crashes, power outages, or other machine failures. With the cloud components sharing the burden of data storage and processing, the potential for data loss is lower than ever. Read more about our move to the cloud.


Our team develops, maintains and supports Formsite out of our business office located in a western suburb of Chicago. We have a balance of youth and experience on our team that has enabled us to consistently grow our service over the years. Our truly exceptional team has led us through several generations of Formsite and has us well positioned for the future.

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