About us

The Original Online Form Builder

Formsite began as a side project way back in 1998 when our Founder saw the need for a Marketing Manager he worked with to be able to create their own Internet survey without the assistance of others. Over 20 years later, from the early days of dial-up modems and before cloud computing, our service has helped people by removing the need for programming knowledge to build online forms and surveys.

Formsite has grown 100% organically without any external investors, stockholders, or pressure to compromise our mission to provide a world-class online forms and surveys platform. As our business evolved over the past 20 years, we have transitioned our operations entirely to a cloud-based environment operating on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS).

Created for Professionals, Easy To Use

We are the professional’s choice for online data collection. Formsite is laser focused on secure, efficient online data collection, and we have got you covered in terms of features, capabilities, and integrations. Formsite technology powers organizations across all industries, countries, and languages. Whatever your workflow, we’ve got form templates to help you get started creating your registration form, reservation form, order form, or survey.

Our Team

The Formsite corporate office is located just outside Chicago, Illinois and is supported by locations across the USA and Europe. We have a balance of youth and experience that allows us to consistently grow our service to evolve with technology and customer needs. Our truly exceptional team has led us through several generations of Formsite and has us well positioned for the future.

Chicago, IL | Denver, CO | New York, NY | San Francisco, CA | Raleigh, NC | Porto, Portugal

Focused on Customer Success

Our business was built by creating, successful customers, and we know that every support request is an opportunity to create another success story. We don’t have an idea of “support tiers” or paying for customer support here. Every request is answered promptly, professionally, and completely the first time. We’re here to assist you every day of the year during normal business hours, non-business hours, holidays and weekends.

Brand Assets

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