Premade Form Templates and Building Online Forms

Formsite premade form templates example

Formsite online form builder gives form owners a fast and secure way to collect responses from visitors. From signup forms and order forms to complex inventory and tax forms, Formsite’s tools make it easy. Starting with a premade form, owners can customize the fields and appearance to suit their needs.

The Create New Form pages allow form owners to browse the most popular categories and review the premade form templates. These templates show example forms with sample questions and choices for quickly making new forms.

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Use Google Accounts for Save & Return Users

Formsite Google accounts Save and Return

Formsite’s Save & Return feature lets form visitors create accounts and complete forms over multiple visits. We have recently published some enhancements to the Save & Return process to help modernize the feature. Another addition is the ability to use Google accounts with Save & Return to simplify saving progress.

When form owners enable the Save & Return feature, the form displays a button allowing users to create an account to save their answers. Visitors can then return to the form and log in to load the form with their previous answers prefilled.

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Form Item Settings and How They Work

Formsite item settings example

Building online forms with Formsite’s form builder lets form owners add many kinds of fields and items. There are text fields, multiple choice questions, file upload items, and many other specialty items. The form item settings give form owners control of how the item looks and behaves.

Whether you’re new to Formsite or an experienced form builder, some items may have settings new to you. Other settings appear for many items and are self-explanatory, like the “required” setting.

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Sub-user Login Enhancement for Easier Collaboration

Formsite Sub-user login teamwork

Formsite accounts at the Pro 2 and higher service level have the ability to assign Sub-users. The Sub-user login lets people other than the primary account owner access the Formsite account, forms, and results. This enhancement simplifies the Sub-user login process and reduces the chances for errors when logging in.

The original concept for Sub-users puts them within the primary account umbrella. This required the Sub-user to enter the primary account username to locate the account directory. The logic was that Sub-users would know the primary account, but in reality it meant another username to remember and confirm.

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Email Results Settings, Recipients & Logic Explained

Formsite email results example

Online forms give owners a way to collect answers from form visitors in a convenient structured way. Each item in the form gets its own column in the Results Table and every result creates a new row. Sending the result answers through email gives form owners and visitors a useful record of the submitted result. The settings to email results give form owners ways to apply logic for who receives what information.

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