Employment Forms Templates and Best Practices

Formsite employment forms

Find online employment forms for applications and other employment uses in Formsite’s template area. Perfect for large or small businesses with needs for human resources forms like:

Online forms make collecting and maintaining employee information an easy task. Formsite makes it even easier with no programming or code editing needed. Either use the Formsite account to track and communicate with employees or use an integration to send the data elsewhere.

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How to Create a Sign Up Form

Formsite sign up form tutorial

Many organizations use online sign up forms to collect information allowing individual and group sign ups. Signing up gives access to products or services, or to become subscribers, join teams, get on newsletter lists, and others. Besides collecting information like name and email address, sign up forms also gather information for the activity or membership. Creating and customizing a digital sign up form for any purpose, group, or industry is simple with Formsite.

Best Practices for Creating Online Forms

Online forms gain from a handful of best practices that apply to every type of form you might create. Following these best practices provide a better user experience and increase completion rates. Here are Formsite's best practices for creating online forms:

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Use DocuSign to Collect Signatures with Online Forms

Formsite DocuSign signatures

Formsite has recently added a new DocuSign integration for collecting digital signatures easier. The new integration sends emails to each signer then collects secure signatures to save with the documents.

All kinds of documents needing initials and signatures can use the easy DocuSign integration. Some examples of forms that often use signatures include:

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Auto-reply Email, Opt-in & Other Notification Tips

Formsite auto-reply

Formsite form owners use online forms to collect results and securely store the answers in the Results Table. After saving the result data, form owners can choose to trigger integrations or send Notification emails. Notifications can contain results data, as with a receipt, and custom messages, as with an auto-reply.

The most useful auto-reply emails contain essential information, not just a thank-you. Unfortunately many online transactions send unuseful auto-replies that cause problems.

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How To Create An Application Form

Formsite application form tutorial

Application forms collect information from organizations and individuals seeking some type of placement. Examples of placement types include employment, an apartment, a loan, a spot on a university's campus, or a booth at the county fair. Application form owners include businesses, landlords, educational institutions, craft fairs, banks, and more.

Form questions include contact information like name and email, plus information for the position. Building an online application form for almost any purpose or industry takes only a few minutes with Formsite.

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Create Invoice Forms for Easy Custom Billing

Formsite invoice forms

Invoice forms give form owners the ability to track and tally totals for billing purposes. Whether for products or time keeping, invoices show charges, discounts, and payment details. Formsite’s order form templates and tools give form owners ways to create custom invoice forms, collect payments, and more.

Essential elements of invoices include:

  • Invoice number and date issued
  • Description of products or services
  • Price and quantity for products or services
  • Contact information and payment instructions
  • Subtotal, discounts, taxes, and any other amount modifications
  • Total due, date due, and terms
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How to Create an Order Form

Formsite order form tutorial

Order forms collect orders and payments from customers to receive products and services from sellers. Besides collecting contact information, the order form also gathers details about the order. 

Formsite's customizable order forms let your customers place orders online with quantities and options. For example, menu items at a restaurant, church donations, products and services from small businesses, or t-shirts from an ecommerce shop. Building an online order form only takes a few minutes with Formsite.

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RSVP Forms and Other Event Registration Form Templates

Formsite RSVP forms templates

Event organizers can collect event registrations online easy with Formsite. Optional additions include sending confirmation emails, adding to Google Calendar, and much more. Use the Pre-populate link to make RSVP forms and send to specific attendees, too. Formsite has many templates for all kinds of events and meetings to support every need.

RSVP forms contain many similar items and features of registration forms. Often they appear as individual or blanket invitations and collect replies indicating the intent to attend. This is different from registration forms that display as a way to add an individual’s information to the attendee list.

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Hotel Reservation Forms and How to Build Them

Formsite hotel reservation forms

Formsite gives form owners many examples and templates for online forms of all types. Examples include order forms, registration forms, surveys, and lots more. Most forms share common parts with other kinds of forms, then include special attributes that make them unique. One example of a form type that collects unique information is hotel reservation forms.

Making a reservation form begins like other registration forms, then includes fields like:

  • Location information
  • Reservation start and end dates
  • Choice of room type
  • Options like parking or pet friendly
  • Special requests
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Church Membership & Community Form Templates

Formsite church membership templates

Formsite’s online form templates give local businesses fast solutions for online forms. Perfect for organizations run by members with varying experience levels like churches and clubs. Our church membership templates make it easy to collect and use member information.

Community organizations, clubs and volunteer projects often need ways to manage member information. While not unique to churches, a church membership form contains example information many organizations collect like:

  • Contact information
  • Family details
  • Interests & abilities
  • Event history
  • Donations
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