Form Header and Footer Uses, Tips & Examples

Formsite form Header and Footer

Formsite online form builder gives form owners over 40 different item types to collect responses and format the form. Adding the Page Break item gives the ability to make multi-page forms, and using multiple pages allows for other enhancements. One such feature is the form Header and Footer, which appears on every page of the form.

Using the form Header and Footer, form owners add content that appears on every page to make branding more consistent. Uses also include support for the repeating page rule and adding navigation links to other forms and/or pages on your site.

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Send HTML Email Notifications from Online Forms

Formsite HTML email

Sending email after receiving new form results is possibly the most-used feature at Formsite. Many form owners want to send an email as either a receipt or to notify one or more people that a new result exists. HTML email Notifications let form owners add styling to the messages to align with branding rules, increase readability, and create better emails.

Unfortunately, email works on systems different than web pages so there isn’t as much support for more powerful HTML features. Also, the software used to view email needs to support a much wider range of devices. For example, it’s possible to send email to fax machines and text devices, which would not be able to display any colors or images.

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Fitness Tracking Forms for the New Year

Formsite fitness tracking tools

Formsite gives form owners the ability to build systems for collecting and processing all kinds of information. A popular example for the beginning of the year is fitness tracking forms. Build custom forms to enter meal data, exercise schedules, and other stats, then calculate and create reports to track progress.

Some examples of forms for fitness tracking include:

  • Weight loss tracking
  • Measurements gain and loss
  • Meal composition values
  • Food nutrient calculator
  • Exercise planner
  • Workout calendar
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Set Open & Close Dates or Custom Results Limits

Formsite open and close

As the year comes to a close, this is a perfect time for housekeeping for your online forms and surveys. Many form owners use this time to export results and keep the results for this year in a special place. Some form owners decide to make a copy of the form to update settings and choices, too. If you need to open and close your forms, see how it works and other tips for annual maintenance.

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A Guide to Using Templates for Online Forms and Surveys

Formsite using templates

Formsite’s online form templates give you a fast start on making new forms and surveys. By browsing the extensive template area, form owners can find examples that contain items or styles they need. Using templates makes building new forms easier, and also can provide examples of standard questions.

For example, many forms in the Healthcare category have standard questions that enhance the usefulness of the results. Forms collecting health history or COVID experiences contain questions found on government-supplied documentation. These forms give new form builders a foundation based on established and widely accepted existing forms.

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See How Formsite Uses Slack for Customer Support

Formsite uses Slack customer support

Formsite’s integrations connect our online forms with other services for powerful workflows. They’re so useful, we use them for our own day-to-day business, too. An example is our Slack integration connected to our embedded contact forms. Formsite uses Slack to display instant alerts when we receive support requests to help us provide the best support possible.

The Slack integration lets form owners connect forms to a Slack account, then send a message after receiving each result. Like Notification emails, the Slack messages alert support staff instantly. One difference is that only the people connected to the Slack channel see the alert, which helps to keep messages organized.

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Charts and Graphs Updates for Formsite Reports and Analytics

Formsite Google Charts and Graphs

Formsite’s automated charts and graphs give form owners instant real-time views of form results. The built-in Results Reports and Analytics features use charts and graphs to display results in a visual format. In many situations, charts make seeing relative differences between result answers much easier.

We’ve made updates to the technical provider for the charts and graphs to give form owners a better result. The new solution benefits form owners with responsive and attractive charts backed by Google.

Changes to Charts and Graphs

Currently the Results -> Analytics -> Statistics page shows the new Google Charts. The rest of the Analytics pages and Results Reports roll out soon. With the goal of making the transition invisible, implementation needs no changes by account owners.

The most noticeable change is the appearance and layout of the charts and labels. The new charts have more readable labels and values than before, with easier to see leader lines. The segments in pie charts contain a single pixel space for easier differentiation. The colors come from Google and provide a high-contrast variety for easy reading, too.

Formsite custom Charts and Graphs

About Formsite Analytics and Results Reports

For form owners new to the Analytics and Results Reports, these areas allow for results data as graphics in real time. The Analytics -> Statistics page shows line graphs with Results per Day and Average Duration per Day. The statistics also include charts showing the percentage of complete results, browsers, and mobile use.

The other pages in the Analytics area include:

  • Item Summary: Displays the results by each item as either text or chart (depending on the item type)
  • Printable Report: A printable version of the Item Summary
  • Cross-Tabulation: Ways to create custom comparisons between two multiple-choice items
  • Inventory Report: A matrix showing each item’s Inventory setting and number taken
  • Scoring Report: Displays the distribution of scores across all results

Results Reports provide form owners with a shared version of the form’s Results Table. Results Filters and Results Views display results and items that meet specific conditions. See the support documentation page for how to set up Results Reports.

Creating a Results Report assigns unique URLs for the report’s Table and Charts versions, allowing form owners to share or embed the report. Sharing the report’s link via email is the most common method. Embedding the report uses an iframe tag with either the Table or Chart URL as the src, for example:

<iframe src="https://..." title="Results chart" style="width:80%;min-width:800px;min-height:800px;border:none;"></iframe>
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See How Formsite Uses Embedded Forms

Formsite uses embedded forms example

Formsite online forms lets form owners build forms and embed them virtually anywhere. Every form gets a unique embed code that shows the form when placed on a web page. Copy and paste the code into the HTML and it just works. It’s so useful that Formsite uses embedded forms on our own site.

The embed code developed by Formsite does more than display the form. The code links to smart functions that optimizes the embedded form’s user experience, also. For example, consider a form with multiple pages and the visitor scrolls to the bottom, then clicks the Next button.

The embed code scrolls the window back to the top of the form so the visitor sees the next page from the top. Without that smart function, visitors would see the bottom of the next page instead.

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See How Formsite Uses DocuSign For Our Own Documents

Formsite uses DocuSign for digital signatures

Formsite’s integrations allow form owners to create custom connections between forms and other systems. These systems take answers submitted into the form or survey and process them further, like collecting payments with PayPal or creating documents with DocuSign. These integrations are so useful that we use them to run Formsite, too. For example, there are some services we provide that require account owner signatures. For those documents, Formsite uses DocuSign to collect digital signatures.

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Use the Number Scale for NPS Surveys, Likert Scales, and More

Formsite Number Scale

Formsite online form and survey builder lets form owners choose from over 40 item types. These tools make building certain kinds of forms easier, like building order forms, surveys, registration forms, etc. A new survey tool released recently is the Number Scale item that collects a numerical answer within a range.

The Number Scale item appears in the Common Items in the form builder. A common use for the scale is any “from 1-10” question. Questions of this nature go by several different names, like NPS items and Likert scales.

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