Google Sheets Tips for Working With Online Forms

Formsite Google Sheets tips copy sheet

Formsite’s integrations let form owners create automated systems for processing form data. Some integrations work with uploaded files and others work with results answers, and some do both. The Google Sheets integration keeps a copy of the form results in a Google spreadsheet, which offers many possibilities.

Some of our best Google Sheets tips include:

  • How to use Google Sheets with Formsite
  • Functions and filters for results data
  • Automated charts and graphs
  • Columns to rows for multiple entries in a single result

Send Form Results to Google Sheets

Here’s how to set up the Google Sheets integration:

  1. Start by building the form
  2. Go to the form’s Form Settings -> Integrations page and click the Google Sheets icon
  3. Click the button to Get Authorization and complete the authentication steps
  4. Use the form name as the spreadsheet name or enter a custom name
  5. Select any Results Filters, Results Views, or Results Labels to customize the spreadsheet
  6. Click Save
  7. Test
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Send Results Documents to Box

Formsite now has the ability to send results documents to Box accounts along with attached files. The Box integration originally allowed forms to send copies of uploaded files to a Box folder. This new enhancement gives form owners a way to save PDF or Word documents of form results to Box.

Formsite send results documents to Box folder

As a team sharing tool, Box lets users access the same file area as a collaboration and productivity service. Another popular use for Box is as a file backup system to secure uploaded files and allow for remaining under the Formsite file space limit.

As a team sharing tool, Box provides a shared folder for any device to access at any time. Creating or updating files syncs to all folders on all connected devices. Some typical uses include team sharing, backup copies, and real-time notifications for new files. The cloud storage and automation features of Box allow form owners to create powerful team workflows. Some features of Box’s cloud storage service include:

Formsite send results documents to Box version history
  • Sharing files and folders
  • Permissions for each user, file, and folder
  • Custom naming and personalization using form values
  • Version control and file history
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Send Results to Dropbox From Online Forms

Formsite and Dropbox have worked together for a long time to send uploaded files from online forms to a Dropbox folder. This update lets form owners send results data along with uploaded files. Combined with the Results Docs features, forms can send results to Dropbox as PDF or Word documents after every submission.

Formsite send results to Dropbox

Dropbox provides a shared folder for any device to access at any time. When adding new files or updating existing ones, the changes apply to all folders on all devices.

Common uses include team collaboration, backup copies, and real-time notifications for new files. The cloud storage features of Dropbox allow form owners to create powerful team workflows. Some features of Dropbox’s cloud storage service include:

  • Sharing files and folders
  • Permissions for each user, file, and folder
  • Custom naming and personalization using form values
  • Version control and file history
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Send Results to OneDrive Personal, Business & SharePoint

Use Formsite’s Microsoft OneDrive integration to send form results and uploaded files to a OneDrive account. Choose to send to OneDrive Personal, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint document libraries. Awesome for making shared file spaces for teams or an automated back-up for form results. Form owners can set up forms to send results to OneDrive with many options.

Formsite send results to OneDrive for Business

Microsoft OneDrive is an automatic part of the Windows operating system and works as a desktop application. The fundamental use lets users save and access files across multiple devices. The cloud-based file storage lets OneDrive users share with others and access files wherever it’s installed.

OneDrive Options:
Formsite send results to OneDrive Personal

Microsoft OneDrive Personal: An individual OneDrive account as part of every Microsoft account. When a Windows user creates a new Microsoft account, the OneDrive folder is automatically created. The OneDrive Personal folder appears as a folder in Windows and displays its contents wherever the Microsoft account logs in.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business: Allows for a large number of accounts to access a shared cloud storage area. Designed for sharing within an organization, some plans also allow access to the Office 365 applications. Other features include SharePoint connections, mobile apps, video conferencing, email hosting, and more.

SharePoint: Sites created with specific members and content to make collaboration easier. SharePoint sites let teams create specialized environments with common resources and targeted channels.

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Slack Integration for Instant Form Notifications

Formsite Slack integration example

Formsite has a new option for form owners to receive Slack messages after every form submission. Slack is a team collaboration and messaging system used by a huge number of organizations to stay connected. Form owners can now use Slack to stay notified of form activity. Instead of relying on email, these messages can notify an entire channel or individual person after each form submission.

Formsite Slack integration

The integration works with any kind of form and can direct different messages depending on answers in the form. For example, an organization can have several form types:

Contact formCredit card order formService requestCourse enrollment formConcept testing survey

Each form can point to a different Slack channel or individual and send a custom message, result information, or a link to view the result.

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Send Files to Salesforce From Online Forms

Formsite send files to Salesforce sample

Formsite has made the Salesforce integration even more useful! Form owners can now choose to send files to Salesforce records using the built-in integration. Creating new records from online form results is simple with our Salesforce integration.

The Salesforce integration lets form owners create new records for any object type like accounts, cases, opportunities, contacts, leads, and others. Salesforce users can also edit the objects and create custom ones containing combinations of field types.

Regardless of the object, Formsite now lets form owners send uploaded files as attachments to Salesforce records. Read more to see how it works.

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Survey Templates & Questionnaire Examples

Find survey templates for polls, marketing research, service follow-ups, and lots more at Formsite. Our survey examples and templates provide a fast starting point for new online surveys. With features like automated Notification emails, built-in reports, and scoring, surveys are a snap.

Formsite survey templates example

Some survey examples found on our site include:

See how Formsite survey templates work with research and data collection strategies.

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Data Retention Settings to Automate Deleting Results

Formsite data retention

As a convenience and form data security feature, we now offer a data retention setting to delete results after a period of time. Many organizations have policies controlling how long results data stay available. They can subscribe to security standards that define retention periods, or they're enforced for convenience. Formsite’s data retention service enables automated results deleting for security or convenience.

Some popular regulations and security protocols include

  • HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation
  • PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • CCPA - California Consumer Privacy Act
  • SOC 1 & SOC 2

Recently, online data security has gained public attention and users demand transparency. As a result, more online services offer data control settings. See how Formsite’s data retention settings work.

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Send Results to Google Drive

Formsite has added the ability to send form results to Google Drive in addition to copies of attached files. The previous integration allowed form owners to send copies of files attached to a form submission to a Drive folder. Many customers use the integration as a team collaboration tool and backup for uploaded files. This newly-added feature now lets form owners send results to Google Drive, too.

Formsite send results to Google Drive sample

Adding the results data to a Drive folder lets form owners create processes using the cloud storage features of Google Drive. These features include:

  • Shared files and folders
  • Notifications from Google
  • Advanced permissions
  • Scalable file storage
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