Yearly Archives: 2003


  • Order Form enhancements including fill-in-the-blank options.
  • Share your result data with others via a password protected link.
  • Auto-Responder enhancements that enable data to be piped into an email message.
  • Significant hardware/software upgrades in our datacenter.
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  • Order form totaling including the ability to compute tax and handling charges.
  • Optionally pass a hidden value into a form via the form URL.
  • Randomize question responses to eliminate order bias on surveys.
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  • Optionally allow users to establish username/password accounts to access/update their form results.
  • Customize error message text and button text (great for non-English forms).
  • Improved multiple page form and attachment handling.
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  • HTML Email capabilities including auto-responder and emailed results.
  • Option to immediately purchase result submission/storage capacity above account limitations.
  • Upgrades between service levels can now be done immediately.
  • One year of billing history is now available in My Account section.
  • Drop Down boxes no longer include numbering for new drop downs created.
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  • Traffic Analysis Report. Gain valuable insight into who is using your form. Detailed reports include: # of hits, # of unique users, average time spent per user, originating country, state/city breakdown if from United States, browser version used, operating system, etc.
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  • New download options to retrieve data in CSV (comma delimited format) including email notification that download is complete.
  • Added password field.
  • Added hidden field.
  • Added Ranking item (rank items in order 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).
  • Added Summation item (assign values to items totaling to a number you choose).
  • Added Multiple Scale Radio Button item.
  • Added Multiple Scale Check Box item.
  • Improved email detail.
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