Add new events or enroll participants to existing Google Calendar events

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Google Calendar integration made easy

Create new All Day and Timed events in your Google Calendar through form submissions.
Enroll participants in Google Calendar events and allow RSVP.
Keep participants posted on event updates, cancellation etc.
Apply our results filters to only create events based on one or more conditions.
Easy setup—once your form is connected to Google Calendar, Formsite will start creating events automatically on form submission.

Easily create events in your Google Calendar. Create All day events and Timed events based on specific start/end times or based on a specific duration with respect to start time.

Enroll participants to events in your Google Calendar. Simply connect your Google account and conditionally create events.

Common Questions

What does the Google Calendar integration do?

The Google Calendar integration lets form owners send events to a Google Calendar account and create new ones or add to existing events.

How do I schedule an event?

You’ll need a Calendar item to choose the day and an item to collect the start time, then either set a defined duration in the integration settings or use another item to collect the end time.

Can I collect the start and end times and have the form calculate the duration?

Yes, you can collect times using Short Answer items, Radio Button items, or Dropdown items, and setting the start and end times will automatically set the event duration.