Easy Mailchimp integration feature for your mailing list

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Mailchimp integration made easy

Insert results from Formsite into your Mailchimp mailing lists
Apply our results filters to only insert the data you want
Easy setup—once your form is connected to Mailchimp, Formsite will start inserting results automatically
Automatically inserts results into your mailing lists in real-time

Easily save users from your form into your Mailchimp mailing lists. This provides a great way to conduct newsletters and mail campaigns.

Simply connect your Mailchimp account and you can also customize which results should get added along with interest group options and more.

Common Questions

What does the Mailchimp integration do?

The Mailchimp integration lets you connect your form to a Mailchimp account and add subscribers after each result. You can then use Mailchimp to send emails on a schedule and get reports showing who opened and clicked the email message.

Can I send more than the email address to Mailchimp?

Yes, you can create Merge Tags in Mailchimp and pass values from the form, then use the Merge Tags to personalize the message.

Can I use the Mailchimp integration and still send Notification emails?

Yes, the Notifications are separate from any integration and you’re welcome to use both.