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Allow partial responses using Save & Return

Allow users to save their results and return to them later.
Each user can have their own individual account.
Save partial results, or update saved results.
Each account has access to only its results.

Give visitors the ability to save their progress and return to their session at another time with the Save & Return feature. Allow your users to create a login or specify a list of approved logins to control access. Long forms with multiple pages can be made more convenient and encourage more complete responses when users have the freedom of using their Save & Return account. You can fine-tune access to the login features by enabling or disabling revisions, multiple results per account, setting deadlines, and more.

Common Questions

Can a user use their Save & Return account to make a new submission after their original submission or edit their completed submissions?

Yes, you can control the settings for Save & Return to allow users to make multiple submissions using their account or allow making changes to their already completed submissions.

Can I customize the Save & Return login page?

Yes, you can customize the page to include your own Header text, logo etc.