Team forms with Sub-User features

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Share account access with sub-users

Apply permissions to individual forms.
Use Admin-only items to report hidden values.
Easily manage sub-users and access levels.

Safely share access to your Formsite account with others using the Sub-Users feature. This allows you to set up Sub-User accounts with limited access for form management and reporting. You can grant admin, read-only, or read/write access to one or more forms and their results. Highly-configurable views, notifications, permissions, and tracking allow form owners to manage Sub-Users without hindering access or performance.

The administrator-level Sub-User accounts allow for nearly the same level of control you enjoy, but without the ability to completely take over your entire Formsite account. This is especially helpful when delegating management of your Formsite activity, but still need to retain control of your account. For example, you can give different departments the ability to create their own forms and set up assistants with report-only permissions to gather performance results.

Other useful features for teams include one to many Workflow forms and sharing online form reports.