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Easily and securely access your results with a custom third-party service. Server Post allows you to send your results data to another server while our API allows you to query your results and form data. These powerful features allow you to connect your Formsite results with custom applications.

Simply setup Server Post by entering the URL of your service that results should get sent to, along with any special options to control which results get sent. Our API is fully featured allowing you to perform simple or advanced queries of your forms and results from your applications or scripts.

Common Questions

What kind of information can I get with the Formsite API?

Our API lets account owners access form items and their id values, and results data.

Can I use the Formsite API to add or delete results?

No, the API only lets you retrieve data. You cannot add, edit or delete any data with the API.

What is the difference between the API and Server Post?

The API is how you retrieve existing form or results data, and Server Post lets you send a single result’s data to an outside destination.

Can I see what the Server Post sends?

Yes, you can use a destination like and set the option to use the response as Success Page, then submitting the form will show the complete structure and contents of the POST.