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Collect payments with order forms

Users can complete your order form and submit payments via
Secure, easy payment processing.
Status and details of payment transactions are available in your Formsite results, making it easy to track every order.
Forward users to your custom page after payment.
Receive emails detailing payment status updates.
Enable multiple payment options to give your users a choice of payment services.

Use your account to enjoy easy and secure credit card processing, seamlessly. We’ve done all of the heavy programming so that you can simply plug in your account information and start accepting credit cards online today.

  • Secure & Easy Payment Processing: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with secure payment transactions. ensures a straightforward, safe process for both you and your customers.
  • Transaction Tracking Made Simple: Keep tabs on every payment transaction with ease. Access detailed payment status and transaction information directly within your Formsite results, enabling seamless order tracking.
  • Custom Redirects Post-Payment: Direct users to a custom page after successful payment, creating a tailored and smooth user experience.
  • Real-time Payment Updates via Email: Stay informed about payment statuses and transaction updates through automatic email notifications, ensuring you’re always in the loop.
  • Versatile Payment Options: Provide users with multiple payment options, allowing them to choose their preferred payment service for added convenience.

Easy Setup with Your Account:

Use your existing account for quick and secure credit card processing. Our system is designed to streamline the integration process, eliminating the need for complex programming. Simply connect with your account and start accepting credit card payments online without any hassle.

With order forms, you’re equipped with a solution that offers security, convenience, and a user-friendly experience for both you and your customers. Streamline your payment collections and enhance your online transactions effortlessly.

Common Questions

What forms can I connect with?

Any order form can be integrated with to collect payments online.

Can Formsite accept subscriptions, or recurring payments, with the integration?

Yes, you can setup one-time or recurring billing with the integration.

Are payments with PCI compliant?

Yes, your payments will be handled by which will provide the PCI compliance. When users go to pay from your form, we send the payment details to to handle the transaction and then process their response.

Can I collect eChecks through Formsite if I enable

Unfortunately, eChecks are not available with the integration.

Can I be notified when a user successfully pays?

Yes, each result will have a separate payment status as well as payment history details. In the Notification settings, you can use the conditional logic rules to have emails sent only after a successful payment.