Save form results and upload files to Dropbox

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Dropbox integration made easy

Insert file uploads from Formsite into your Dropbox.
Apply our results views and results filters to only insert the data you want.
Easy setup—once your form is connected to Dropbox, Formsite will start sending files automatically.
Result updates are handled live and show up in your Dropbox instantly.

Save file uploads that users attach with their submissions to your Dropbox account. Easily create an extra backup of your users’ files or share them with others.

Simply connect your Dropbox account and your files will automatically be saved. You can even customize which files from your results will be collected and what folder to save them into.

Common Questions

What can I save to my Dropbox account?

Enabling the Dropbox integration lets you choose to send all uploaded files and/or a Results Doc PDF or Word document to a connected Dropbox account.

Can I name the file or folder with an answer from the result?

Yes, you can use a pipe code in the file name prefix and the folder fields to use that entered value.

What happens if I delete the result or attached files?

Nothing happens to the copy in the Dropbox account. Deleting results or files does not delete them from the Dropbox folder.

Can I use the Dropbox file link in my result or Notification?

No, the integration sends a copy to the destination but the original file link stays in the result.