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Import / export your data for external processing

Retrieve your results in a downloadable format.
Import your results into a separate application.
Optionally download any uploaded files from your form.
Make an archive of your results.

Import and export lets you easily transfer your data into and out of the Formsite environment. You can process your data in external applications or simply make a back-up archive for safe keeping. Using customer information, you can import a list of customers into an email marketing program to automate newsletter subscriptions, or setup a mail-merge to generate automatic mailing labels. You can also use the results exports to create a backup of your Formsite results for safe keeping, and import them back into the same form or a copy of it.

Common Questions

How do I export my results?

Go to the Results -> Export page and click the export button to download a spreadsheet that can be opened with Excel or Google Sheets.

Can I schedule the export to be sent on a specific day and time?

Yes, you can make a Scheduled Export to send daily, weekly, or monthly and on a day and time of your choice.

What formats can I get the results?

Results can be exported as Excel or CSV (comma separated values) files that include all of the results, or each individual result as a separate file using the Results Docs features.

Can I export attachments?

Yes, the exported results will contain links to the attached files, or you can export the actual files from the Results -> Export -> Attachments page.

Can I include images and/or text with my results documents?

The built-in PDF format only allows results answers in the document. To include images or text, a custom template file can be created and connected to the form.

What can I import?

The form’s Results Table can be imported to make a copy in another account or to restore previously-deleted results.

How do I import results?

Only properly formatted csv files can be imported. Start by exporting from the form where you want to import results using the Formsite Import (Backup) format. While keeping the column text and order untouched, add the results rows to import. Note that there are no rules for ‘required’ items so the import will still be performed if ‘required’ cells are blank. Save the file in CSV format and import on the form’s Results -> Import page.

Can I import attached files with the results?

No, it’s not possible to import attachments with results, though the results can be imported then edited to include the original attachments.