Easy Constant Contact integration feature to add Contacts for your mailing list

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Constant Contact integration made easy

Add Contacts to your mailing lists through form submissions
Integrate different forms with different lists to segment the Contacts
Easy setup—once your form is connected to Constant Contact, Formsite will start inserting results automatically
Apply our results filters to only insert the data you want

Easily save the submissions from your form into your Constant Contact contacts lists. This can streamline the way email campaigns run for your business.

Integrate your Constant Contact account and you can also customize which lists the contacts get added and save information to custom fields and more.

Common Questions

Can I send to multiple Constant Contact lists with a single result?

Yes, the Constant Contact integration lets you select one or more lists to send the subscriber’s email address.

Can I use more than one form to send to the same list?

Yes, you can set up the Constant Contact integration on multiple forms to send to the same or different lists.

Can more than one Formsite account send to the same list?

No, each Constant Contact account can only be integrated with a single Formsite account.