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Accept credit cards and checks for payment

Process payments on your own or integrate with a payment service such as PayPal, Braintree,, Stripe, or Pay By Check.
Create order forms with automatic totaling.
Users will see a special Order Review page at the end of the form where they can confirm their order.
Use a variety of order form items, including standard totaling items, quantities, percents, and coupon codes.
Ensure safety for you and your users with our Security options.

Process payments for goods and services with credit cards or bank checks. Choosing check or offline credit card payment (via invoice or purchase order) displays the order total and all relevant information to the customer while following proper accounting rules for reporting and inventory control. This option is convenient for customers who prefer to charge through a traditional terminal. Additionally, you can enable payment integrations to accept payments online.

Read more about collecting online payments:

Want an example? Check out our online payment form by check.

Common Questions

What integration do I use to collect payments with credit cards?

Any of the payment integrations that are not Pay By Check can accept credit card payments. PayPal Business, PayPal Personal, PayPal Pro, Braintree,, and Stripe can all be used to collect payments from credit cards.

How do I accept checks or cash?

Use the Pay By Check integration when collecting a ‘promise’ to pay, as with cash, checks, or pay at the door. The text can be customized on the form’s Form Settings -> Custom Text page and the Form Settings -> Payments -> Pay By Check page.

Can I make a pre-authorization and not an actual charge?

No, there is not a way to authorize the charge without taking it, unfortunately. You can reduce the order total to a low deposit to not take the full amount.

The Payment shows ‘incomplete’. How do I make it complete?

Results with an ‘incomplete’ in the Payment column means the customer did not pay successfully. If the Status column shows a green ‘complete’ icon, they submitted the form successfully but did not complete the payment. If the Status column is not complete, then they did not complete the form. Incomplete payments cannot be processed so the customer needs to start the form from the beginning.