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Collect sensitive data with secure forms

Create secure forms.
Protect your submissions and results.
Utilize encryption on sensitive data.
Receive special guidelines on best practices.
Use SSL to protect your data without any complicated steps.

Collect sensitive information with confidence using our secure forms. We use the latest technology to offer secure connections (SSL / HTTPS) on all Formsite forms for whenever you decide that protection is needed. We handle all of the registration and maintenance involved with security certificates so you don’t have to.

In addition to encrypting submissions, you can also choose secure options for viewing and sharing your results. Results will also be encrypted to add another layer of protection on top of your secure results storage.

Common Questions

What makes Formsite a more secure platform than other similar form solutions?

We focus on security in our system configurations and development and incorporate best practices at all levels. We constantly undergo security-focused reviews and updates, and offer a wide range of security related options to our users. For more details, see our Security page.

How can I make sure my results are secure?

All submissions will be secured in transit using SSL/TLS, and also encrypted at rest. By default none of your results will be viewable outside of logging into your account. You can optionally share your results securely using one of our secure password-protected formats such as Reports or Notifications, or by using a Results View to hide secure information.

Does Formsite undergo 3rd party security audits on a regular basis?

Yes, we have frequent scans performed as well as penetration testing performed by leading third party organizations.

Is Formsite PCI compliant?

Yes, Formsite is PCI 3.2 compliant.

Does Formsite support HIPAA compliance and collecting protected healthcare information (PHI)?

Yes, we do offer a HIPAA compliant solution if you need to collect PHI. You can request a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) from us to get started. For more details, please see our HIPAA compliance page.