Request eSignatures via email using your DocuSign account

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DocuSign integration made easy

Use your DocuSign account to request eSignatures via email.
Request eSignatures on Results Docs or documents from your DocuSign templates.
Implement your workflow by specifying signing order and capture signatures at specific positions in your documents using AutoPlace.
Apply our Results filters to only request signatures based on one or more conditions.
Easy setup—once your form is connected to DocuSign, Formsite will request eSignatures via DocuSign automatically on form submission.

Easily request eSignatures via email using your DocuSign account. Capture signatures on automatically merged Results PDFs, Word documents using information submitted via the form or the documents from your DocuSign templates.

Simply connect your DocuSign account, configure the documents for signing and specify one or more signers. When a form is submitted, each signer will get an email from DocuSign to sign the documents. Signed documents are saved in your DocuSign account.

Common Questions

What does the DocuSign integration do?

The DocuSign integration lets form owners request eSignatures on documents using their DocuSign account.

How do I request an eSignature from a form visitor for the result submitted?

You’ll need a Short Answer item and Email Address item to collect the name and email address of a signer and use these items when configuring the signer on the DocuSign integration page.

Does a form visitor need to have a DocuSign account to sign the documents?

No, they do not need a DocuSign account.

How do I sign the same document that is sent to and signed by a form visitor?

You’ll need to configure a Results Doc using your document and create two signer configurations. Set the signing order to “1” for the form visitor and “2” for a second signer configuration using your name and email address. DocuSign will automatically make sure that the documents are signed in the specified sequence.