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Online forms with Workflow features

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Link related forms with workflow logic

Easily link multiple forms together.
Carry responses across separate forms.
Create an approval process routing forms and results to multiple people.
Use logic and rules for more advanced processes.
View combined results across forms.
Choose from workflow examples and templates to get started quickly.

Our Workflow feature is a powerful tool that supports a wide range of scenarios, from basic approval processes to more complex workflows involving several steps, multiple people, and advanced routing logic.

Common Workflow scenarios

The Workflow feature allows you to link two or more forms together, and with additional logic can support a large variety of use cases. After the first form is completed, a follow-up form can be sent to one or more people.

You can carry responses across separate forms using optional form mappings, automatically filling fields from previous answers to create a highly efficient workflow process.

The information collected from a form can be sent to multiple people, and you can then collect additional feedback or approvals from them. This can be used to involve a large team and help to simplify existing processes.

In the end, all of the results collected under each form of the Workflow will be related, and you can view them all together to provide an overall birds-eye view of the entire process.