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Graphs and tables for visual results

See your results in a variety of formats.
Embed your results.
View different trends and groupings based on your results.
Stylish, dynamic graphs are great for presentations.

Use graphs and tables to show your form results in a compelling and vibrant visual format, helping to illustrate trends or patterns faster than simply scanning your raw data. Formsite reports make data-oriented decision making easy. See the numbers in their entirety or choose to view them in a graphical presentation. Generate exciting graphics for presentations and executive summaries without overwhelming the viewer with large datasets and lists of numbers.

Common Questions

Are there any analytics for the form?

Yes, we provide some built-in analytics for high-level reporting like number of results per day, answers and distributions for individual questions, drop-off stats, and more.

Can I copy/paste or export the graphs for my own report?

There isn’t a way to export the graphs but you can take screenshots and save them as images.