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Microsoft Excel integration made easy

Publish results for use with other applications or partners, providing them limited access to your data in a convenient format, including the ability to leverage Microsoft's features by sharing your Microsoft Excel workbook
Insert results from a Formsite form into your Microsoft Excel workbook located in OneDrive for Business or a SharePoint Document Library
Apply our results views and results filters to only insert the data you want
Easy setup—once your form is connected to Microsoft account, Formsite will start inserting results automatically
Automatically inserts results into Microsoft Excel workbooks in real-time
Result updates are handled live and show up in your Microsoft Excel workbook instantly

Save your form results into Microsoft Excel workbooks. Easily create an extra backup of your results or use the Microsoft Excel workbook to share your results with others.

Simply connect your Microsoft account and your results will automatically fill into the Microsoft Excel workbook you choose. You can also customize which results and items on the form will be saved.

Share your Microsoft Excel workbooks using your SharePoint for great team collaboration.

Another helpful feature to try is the ability to import export data with online forms.

Common Questions

How does the Microsoft Excel integration work?

Enabling the Microsoft Excel integration sends every new result to a Microsoft Excel workbook as a new row.

Can I send the results to a different worksheet in the workbook file?

No, the integration will always update the first worksheet (the first tab) in the connected Microsoft Excel workbook file.

Can I reorganize or style the data in the worksheet?

Customizing the first worksheet is discouraged because it makes the file larger and may cause problems with syncing data. The recommendation is to make a 2nd worksheet (a 2nd tab) and reference the first worksheet’s data, then style or reorganize the data on the 2nd worksheet.

What happens if the columns don’t line up anymore?

If the form items change (new ones added, old ones deleted, or labels change) the columns won’t line up correctly. The column headers are added when the file is first made, but once there are headers in the file then new results are added as new rows. You can make a new worksheet (new tab) and move the empty worksheet to the first position, then the column headers will be remade when the next result is received.

I sometimes get an error message. What does that mean and how do I fix it?

The first thing to do when an error is received is to edit the result in the Results Table and click the Update button. That retriggers the integration and if the error does not appear then the transfer was successful. You can manually set the result’s Status to ‘complete’ by clicking the icon and choosing the correct one.

If you still see the error, you need to follow the instructions for verifying the authorization on the Form Settings -> Integrations -> Microsoft Excel page.