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Display your form directly on your web site. To embed a form in your web page, simply copy the short code snippet we provide and paste into your web page. When your web page loads, your Formsite form will be embedded directly on your page. Your users will not see the Formsite URL and you are able to fully control the style of your form. Many Formsite users combine an embedded form with a redirect taking the user to another page on their site. The combination of an embedded form and a redirected Success Page make for a very professional presentation.

We provide multiple ways to embed your form for maximum compatibility with different platforms, content management systems, and server software. Use our WordPress Embed plugin to easily add your forms to your WordPress site. Another benefit is the ability to secure your form (with SSL) when you are not able to secure your entire site, for submitting sensitive data like order forms or personal information. Additionally, embedded Formsite forms appear as part of your site and not as a third-party service, so your URL won’t change.

Common Questions

How can I show my form on my website?

Use the Embed Code provided on the form’s Share -> Embed Code page. Simply copy and paste the code provided into the code of your site where you want the form to appear, then the form will display as a part of that page.

Is there an easy way to embed on a WordPress site?

Yes, install the WordPress plugin then use the shortcode from the form’s Share -> WordPress page in a post, page, widget, or template.

Can I embed on a Wix, Squarespace, or other interactive host?

Yes, you can copy and paste the Embed Code into any plugin, widget, or code item that allows you to add scripts and HTML to your page. See our article about embedding online forms with website builder services.

How do I resize my embedded form?

The form will expand to fill the embedding container in your site so you can set the width of the container to set the form’s width. Be sure not to set a height for the container so the form can adjust it to accommodate the entire form.

Is it possible to pre-populate an embedded form?

Yes, you can use the Embed Code’s prePopulate parameter to insert or choose answers when the form is loaded. You can fill the prePopulate values using your site’s code when the form loads, or you can use the URL to pass values like the normal Pre-populate link.