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Zapier Integration made easy

Send every form submission to Zapier and connect to thousands of other online applications
Create your own automated system for sending, storing, or processing form responses
Easy setup—once your form is connected to Zapier, Formsite will start sending form submissions automatically
Result updates are handled live and show up in your connected applications instantly

Easily send your results into Zapier, allowing you to integrate with 5000+ other services. If you are looking for a third-party integration, there is a good chance that Zapier supports it.

Simply connect your form to Zapier. You can then setup a destination app to send your results data to. Any new submissions will be automatically saved. You can also customize this by filtering which results should get sent to Zapier.

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Common Questions

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a service that connects thousands of services with each other. Formsite uses Zapier to let you create systems to use the result data with other services when the form is submitted. The connection is called a Zap.

Where can I see what connections are available?

Our Integrations page lets you browse the services by type or industry, then you can click the links for more information about using each service.

How do I set up a Zap?

Go to your form’s Form Settings -> Integrations -> Zapier page, then open a new browser window at, then follow the steps to create a Zap using Formsite as the trigger and your chosen service as the action. Use the settings on your Integrations page when asked for them.

Can I use more than one connected service with a single Zap?

Yes, you can connect multiple services in a single Zap and send the result data to each one separately.