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Share form results publicly or privately with customizable reports. Collaborate and analyze your results in chart, graph, and table formats. Applying optional filters to your reports allows you to set up different users to receive only data relevant to them while keeping additional data protected. Individual reports can be password-protected and enabled or disabled as needed, without affecting the other reports for each form in your account.

Common Questions

Is there a report I can share with colleagues?

Yes, you can create a Results Report and share the link to a real-time report of the form’s results.

Can I filter what results are in each report?

Yes, you can create the Results Report with a Results Filter to show only those results that meet the conditions. Multiple reports can be created with different Results Filters to show different results in each report.

Can I hide answers for some items?

Yes, you can create the Results Report with Results Views to choose what items’ data to show.

Can I add a password to the report?

Yes, you can optionally add a password to secure the report.