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Collect file uploads

Allow users to upload files with their results.
Accept any file type.
Optionally limit the size of file you want.

Give your visitors the ability to submit pictures, documents, or videos using the file upload feature. Support visitor contributions and give them a way to attach additional information to their response. You can also limit the quantity and size of the uploaded files as needed. Images, spreadsheets, documents, PDF files, movies, zip files, and many more file types are supported.

Common Questions

How can I have people upload images and files on my site?

To accept files and images, simply add a File Upload item to your form.

How does a user attach a file when filling out a form?

When a File Upload item is selected, the user will be prompted to select a file from their computer. On mobile, most devices will prompt the user to select or take a photo.

What file types are supported for a user to upload in a form?

Almost any type of file can be uploaded, except for some executable file types that are restricted for security purposes. You can also optionally limit the number, size, and type of files that are allowed.

Are files handled securely?

Yes, all submissions are protected in transit with SSL/TLS, and encrypted at rest. You can also share your files securely by requiring a login to view them, or you can hide them from emails or other formats by using a Results View. For more details, see our Security page.

Is it possible for all file uploads from submissions to be saved to a specific folder directory?

You can optionally integrate with several file storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and Amazon S3. These integrations allow you to define a custom folder directory to save the uploaded files into.