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View and share results as PDFs in our format or yours

Get form results as PDF documents.
Save PDF results to Google Drive, attach PDF results to emails, or download results as PDFs.
Use our built-in layout or upload a PDF template.

Get form results as PDF documents using our Results Docs feature. Export results as PDF files from your Formsite account, save to a connected Google Drive account, or attach result PDFs to Notification emails. Choose either our built-in PDF table format or use custom PDF templates.

Using our PDF table format

To receive PDF versions of each form result, the built-in PDF table format is available for PDF exports, saving to Google Drive, and receiving as Notification email attachments. The table format displays your form items and the result answers in an easy-to-read table, then creates a PDF document for each separate result. Only the answers are included in the table format and additional text, images, or other formatting requires using the custom PDF template.

Using your custom PDF template

Optionally, form owners can use a PDF template and connect the results data to create custom PDF documents. Templates are made as fillable PDF forms and uploaded to the Formsite account, then the form items are connected to the PDF template fields. Existing PDF forms can be used as a template, like standard tax forms, employment or application forms, invoices, etc.

See how to save results as PDF files to your Google Drive account after every successful submission!

Common Questions

Can I save my results as PDF files?

Yes, you can export your results either individually by clicking the View link in the Results Table, or in bulk from the Results -> Export page as a PDF file.

Can I send the PDF in an email?

Yes, you can choose the Results Doc format in the Notification settings and receive the results as an attached PDF file.

Can I save the PDF in a cloud storage service?

Yes, you can enable one of the cloud storage integrations (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and Amazon S3) and choose to include the Results Doc.

Can I add images and text to the PDF document?

The built-in Table format does not allow for adding extra content. You can create a PDF template form that includes custom text and images, then use that template as your Results Doc.

How do I make a PDF template?

Any application that allows you to create a fillable PDF form like Adobe Acrobat or an online service can be used to create a PDF template file, then you upload the file to your Formsite account and complete the field mapping on the Results Docs page.