Integrate Formsite forms with Salesforce

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Salesforce made easy

Insert results collected from your form into Salesforce
Integration can interact with any available Salesforce object, even custom objects and custom fields
Easily create robust web-to-lead or web-to-case forms utilizing Formsite's extensive features, including advanced validation, multi-page and item and page rules logic, and notifications
Simple setup—once your form is connected to Salesforce, our Salesforce object block item can handle all the item insertion and mapping for you
Automatically inserts results into Salesforce in real-time
Result updates are also handled live and show up in Salesforce instantly

Salesforce CRM users can use our integration to easily insert object records into your Salesforce account. You can use our robust form editor to create the form you want, and then simply map the form items into your Salesforce object fields, even supporting custom objects.

Editing your saved results will also update the corresponding object record in Salesforce. You can also choose to optionally trigger the assignment rules and emails within your Salesforce account when a new result comes in.