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Upload your own company or personal logo to Formsite.
Customize your forms' branding to follow your business's style.
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Using logos and images is a great way to communicate basic brand attributes and set the tone of your form.

With your paid Formsite service, you can upload custom image files to your account, and we’ll handle the hosting. Images in your account can then be easily added to your forms. When using certain items, you can even further edit your logo’s styling to customize it for use on the form.

Common Questions

How do I add images to my form, Notifications, and Success Pages?

You can add an Image item or a Formatted Text item to the form, then paste the link to the image. Images can be from an existing URL or your Formsite account’s User menu -> Files & Images page. Images in Notifications and Success Pages are added using the text editor by clicking the image button, then pasting the image’s link.

What size does the image need to be?

Images shown online should all be 72 dpi (dots per inch, or pixels per inch; also known as the image’s resolution). If you’re using the image as a full-width header, you want the size to be around the same width as the form. Using smaller images and increasing the width setting is not recommended, as it ‘stretches’ the image and makes it blurry.

Can I resize or crop the image?

We do not have a built-in image resizing or cropping tool, but you can customize the image’s style setting to adjust its dimensions. Click the source code button in the text editor (looks like <>) then add the inline CSS to the image code.