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Responsive forms for mobile and tablet users

Built-in support for users on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
Forms optimized for the visitor's device means increased response rates.
Fields and images automatically resize for the best appearance.
Fully customizable for further control.

Formsite forms are responsive to all mobile devices and tablets, and present an optimized style to maximize the user experience. Our forms are designed to look and work great on all devices. Large form fields, no dependence on mouse hover events, and clearly-identified action buttons help to create a pleasurable experience on smartphones and tablets.

Common Questions

How do I make my form mobile friendly?

Forms are automatically mobile-friendly due to a setting on the Style -> Advanced page.

Do the forms look different when viewed on mobile devices?

The form items get some small formatting changes for mobile devices and smaller displays. For example, items are moved to their own rows and input fields are maximized for easier interactions with touch screens. Images and colors remain the same.

Can I change any of the mobile-only styles?

Yes, form owners who are familiar with CSS can add media queries on the Style -> Advanced page to override any of the built-in mobile CSS.