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Collect payments with Stripe order forms

Users can complete your order form and submit payments via Stripe.
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) ready and PCI compliant.
Status and details of payment transaction are available in Formsite results, making it easy to track every order.
Forward users to your custom page after payment.
Receive Notification emails upon successful payment.
Enable multiple payment options to give your users a choice of payment services.

Enjoy secure payment collection by integrating your form with your Stripe account. Results collected on your form will be associated with Stripe payment information so that you have a complete view of your customers’ orders. Formsite Stripe order forms are a low-cost option for simplifying ecommerce transactions.

Customers will go from the Formsite order review page to Stripe for payment, then can be redirected to a custom success page.

See our How To article for How to Create an Online Form With Stripe.

Common Questions

How do I set up Stripe payments on my form?

Start by building the form using Order Form items in the form editor, then enable the Stripe integration on the Form Settings -> Payments page.

Can I test the payments without actually paying?

Yes, Stripe provides test and live versions of your keys. Using the ‘test’ keys lets you submit the order with test card numbers. Be sure to switch to the ‘live’ versions before sending out the link to your form.

Can I collect recurring payments or subscriptions with Stripe?

No, Stripe has a unique method for setting up recurring payments and the integration does not support it.

What is SCA?

SCA is Strong Customer Authentication and is an upcoming security enhancement for customers from Europe.

Are Stripe payments secure and PCI compliant?

Yes, collecting payments using a payment integration like Stripe sends the customer to their site to pay, which allows us to bypass the results and remain PCI compliant.