Export form results to Word documents

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Merge form results into your Microsoft Word document

Save form results to Google Drive or your local computer as Microsoft Word documents.
Attach form results as Word docs to emails after every submission.
Personalize Word documents and reports with the Results Docs features.

The Results Docs Add-on is available for Pro 2 and higher service levels and lets form owners get form results automatically merged with their own Microsoft Word document. Build the template in Word using our easy placeholder tags, then connect the form to the template to receive real-time documents after every new result.

Export all or filtered results as separate MS Word docx files, share with team members using the Google Drive integration, or attach the Word doc to Notification emails. Include custom text and images, letterhead, or any layout desired with your Word template and get custom Word docs with every result.

Word documents work with Microsoft products and with many other applications like OpenOffice, Google Docs, Wordpad, and many free online conversion services. See our knowledgebase article for the full details.

How it works:

  1. Add placeholders to a new or existing Word document
  2. Upload to your Formsite account and connect the form items with the placeholders
  3. Choose your Results Doc to save to Google Drive, attach to email, or export your custom document

Interested in the Google Drive integration for saving results as Word documents? See how it works!

Common Questions

Can I receive my results as a Word document?

Yes, you can use the Results Docs settings with a Word DOCX file, then export either individually by clicking the View link in the Results table or in bulk from the Results -> Export page.

Can I send the Word document in an email?

Yes, you can choose your Results Doc in the Notifications settings and receive the results as an attached Word document.

Can I save the Word document in a cloud storage service?

Yes, you can enable one of the cloud storage integrations (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and Amazon S3) and choose to include the Results Doc.

Can I include uploaded files or images in the Word document?

No, mapping uploaded files will place the file’s link in the document, but there’s no way to insert the image itself into the document.