Save form results and upload files to Microsoft OneDrive & Sharepoint

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Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint made easy

Send results documents and any attached files to a Microsoft OneDrive document library.
Supports OneDrive Personal, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint accounts.
Apply our Results Views and Results Filters to only send the data you want.
Easy setup—connect to Microsoft OneDrive, choose the destination, then results and/or files are automatically sent after every submission.
Updating form results triggers the integration and sends any new or updated results instantly.

Send form results and any attached files to Microsoft OneDrive folders. Use with OneDrive Personal, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint document libraries. Perfect for sharing with a team or as a backup copy for results and uploaded files.

Simply connect your Microsoft account, choose the destination folder, select your Results Doc (PDF or Word), and we do the rest. You can even use the Results Filters and Results Views to set conditions for which files are sent.

Read all about Results as PDF files and Results as Word documents for more information.