Prevent form spam with reCAPTCHA

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CAPTCHA made easy

Prevent form spam with reCAPTCHA
Verify that a legitimate result is being submitted
Easy on/off through the form's security settings

Utilize Google’s industry standard reCAPTCHA on your form. Prevent form spam and unwanted submissions while still allowing real users easy access to your form.

Easily enable reCAPTCHA to always be required, or you can let its advanced algorithms automatically handle it.

Common Questions

How does CAPTCHA work?

CAPTCHA is a question or checkbox that computers are unable to answer correctly, therefore increasing the likelihood that the visitor is human.

What is the difference between CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA is the test to tell computers and people apart and reCAPTCHA is a service provided by Google to reduce spam and bots from accessing forms.

Can I turn reCAPTCHA off?

There is a reCAPTCHA setting on the form’s Form Settings -> Security page with the options for always, auto, and off.

Why do some people have to solve the image reCAPTCHA?

Google shows the green checkbox reCAPTCHA most of the time, but sometimes it needs more proof that users are human. That is when it shows the image reCAPTCHA instead.

What are the dangers to turning reCAPTCHA off?

reCAPTCHA is enabled when there’s a need for a little more security, and disabling it will increase the risk of bots submitting a large number of results. Since submitting results triggers integrations and Notification emails, disabling reCAPTCHA removes those protections. We recommend leaving the reCAPTCHA setting to ‘auto.’