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Calculate values and scores using form fields

Calculate a value based on user input.
Use the equation's outcome for Conditional Logic, include it in the order or scoring total, or just use it for display purposes.
Equations can be simple or complex, using values from the form as well as constants.

Use results from your form in equations to output a computed value. This value can then be shown on the form, or used as a basis for further rules, scoring, or other logic. The calculated value will be stored with your results and users can view the calculation dynamically on the form before submitting their responses.

A simple example of a Calculation that you can create is a square footage calculator, where the user can enter length and width, then press a button to find the square footage. You can also easily create order forms with special pricing by asking for product dimensions and applying a custom formula to calculate the grand total. Another application is to score visitors’ results by assigning point values to individual responses. This can be helpful to make quizzes, tests, or to add to conditional logic functionality. Scoring can be used with most items that accept input.

Common Questions

How can I calculate values in my form?

A Calculation item can be added and the equation built using the answers from the form.

How do the equations work?

Equations use regular math operations for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You click the link to add items to the equation, then those items’ values are processed according to the equation entered to generate a value.

Can I use other Calculation items in my equation?

Yes, but the items’ values are not available on the same page. You can use a Calculation item as part of an equation if it’s on a previous page. Another option is to duplicate the first Calculation item’s equation in the second Calculation item’s equation.

How does it work with Scoring and Order forms?

Most form items have a Calculations tab where you can set scoring values, then including those items in equations will calculate the score. Order Form items can also be used in equations, though we recommend using the built-in Order Form items wherever possible.

Is it possible to automatically calculate or remove the button?

No, the ‘calculate’ button is required to trigger the calculation display and it’s not possible to auto-calculate when a choice is changed. The equation will calculate when the visitor goes to the next page or the Submit button is clicked, so clicking the Calculate button isn’t required to get the correct calculated value in the result.

Can I apply a custom format to the number?

You can add characters before or after the value and the value will show as numbers plus any decimal points. It’s not possible to include dashes, commas, or any other custom formatting, though.

Can I calculate dates?

No, Calendar items are not able to be used as part of the equation.