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Formsite forms are all completely customizable using our Style tools. Starting with a variety of pre-made themes, you can further personalize your forms with our built-in options or by entering your own custom CSS. All form elements can be styled to match your own brand standards or preferences. Upload images like headers, examples, and logos with a form to increase interest and brand awareness with visitors.

Each form in your account can be styled individually. Embedded forms can also be styled to match your site. Form themes can be applied and changed easily, and an extensive stock photo gallery is available for quick and easy customization.

Common Questions

How do I choose the colors, sizes and fonts for my forms?

In the form editor, click the Style button to change all styles for the form. Use the preview pane in the Style pages to see your changes, then click save to save your settings.

How can I use the same style as an existing form?

In the Style page, click the “Copy From Form…” button then select the form whose style you want to copy.

Is it possible to change settings not included in the Style -> Customize page?

Yes, all styles are listed in the Style -> Advanced page in the CSS list. You can edit the styles directly and target specific items by their HTML id or class names.

Can I use fonts that aren’t listed?

Yes, you can add links to web fonts in the HTML Head box on the Style -> Advanced page, then customize the CSS classes to use the linked fonts. See our article for code examples and instructions for adding custom fonts.

Can I include images on my form?

Yes, you can add an Image item or a Formatted Text item then paste the link to the image. Images can be from an existing URL or your Formsite account’s User menu -> Files & Images page.