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Slack Integration for Instant Form Notifications

Formsite Slack integration example

Formsite has a new option for form owners to receive Slack messages after every form submission. Slack is a team collaboration and messaging system used by a huge number of organizations to stay connected. Form owners can now use Slack to stay notified of form activity. Instead of relying on email, these messages can notify an entire channel or individual person after each form submission.

Formsite Slack integration

The integration works with any kind of form and can direct different messages depending on answers in the form. For example, an organization can have several form types:

Contact formCredit card order formService requestCourse enrollment formConcept testing survey

Each form can point to a different Slack channel or individual and send a custom message, result information, or a link to view the result.

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Send Files to Salesforce From Online Forms

Formsite send files to Salesforce sample

Formsite has made the Salesforce integration even more useful! Form owners can now choose to send files to Salesforce records using the built-in integration. Creating new records from online form results is simple with our Salesforce integration.

The Salesforce integration lets form owners create new records for any object type like accounts, cases, opportunities, contacts, leads, and others. Salesforce users can also edit the objects and create custom ones containing combinations of field types.

Regardless of the object, Formsite now lets form owners send uploaded files as attachments to Salesforce records. Read more to see how it works.

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Survey Templates & Questionnaire Examples

Find survey templates for polls, marketing research, service follow-ups, and lots more at Formsite. Our survey examples and templates provide a fast starting point for new online surveys. With features like automated Notification emails, built-in reports, and scoring, surveys are a snap.

Formsite survey templates example

Some survey examples found on our site include:

See how Formsite survey templates work with research and data collection strategies.

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