Yearly Archives: 2006


  • Added “previous” button to multi-page forms.
  • New link-generator for the Publish/HTML Links.
  • New Progress bar for multi-page forms.
  • Fresh presentation.
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  • Over 100 templates added. Choose from these templates when creating your form.
  • Improved edit area makes it easier for users to create and change forms.
  • Integrated attachments allow your users to upload files, separate from the form submission.
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  • New embedded form feature allows users to integrate forms directly into existing websites.
  • Improved form Look & Feel to provide intelligent color suggestions and easier to customize styles.
  • Additional download option, to create a tab delimited file for Excel.
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  • Cross-Tabulation Reports: Graphically compare two survey questions such as income vs. gender.
  • Integrated image upload when editing the form; add an image while editing your form.
  • Tighter fit on a form when more than one question appears on a line.
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Billions of forms submitted