Yearly Archives: 2001


  • Multiple Page Forms. Forms can now be split into multiple pages.
  • Skip/Branching Logic. Skip to a page or set of pages based on a user’s response.
  • Billing system updates including monthly emailed receipts.
  • Major hardware/software upgrades. We are presently running at less than 10% utilization of our resources during peak usage periods.
  • New pricing and service levels for all account types.
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  • We now accept Discover Card in addition to Visa, Master Card and American Express for credit card payments.
  • Four new item types have been added. These are “grid” item types that allow grids/matrix input type questions. See grid example.
  • Numerous enhancements to make the site easier to use including improved messages and help text.
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  • We now accept American Express in addition to Visa and Master Card for credit card payments.
  • Pop-up informational (help) windows can now be added for every form item. This enables detailed instructions to be added without making a form unnecessarily hard to read. A icon is placed next to the item and when clicked opens up a pop-up window with your informational text.
  • The width in columns can now be specified for radio/check item types presented in a grid. This means you control how many columns wide the grid is that displays possible choices.
  • Additional server capacity and load-balancing added.
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  • Improved result searching.
  • Enhancements to support Netscape 6.
  • Enhancements to attachments/file upload.
  • Improved results section.
  • Asterisks can now be used to indicate required items.
  • Minor bug fixes, navigation changes, performance upgrades.
  • A separate dedicated server is now setup for high volume survey customers generating > 50,000 responses a day.
  • Partnership with email mailing service gives us the capability to email up to 5 million surveys an hour. We do not support SPAM or UCE.
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Billions of forms submitted