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  • Introduced new account pricing options to accommodate businesses receiving thousands of form submissions a day.
  • Added a "Deluxe" service level to accommodate users who do not need all of the features of a professional level account.
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  • Daily Email Summary. Optionally, have an email sent every day to one or more email addresses stating the number of responses a particular form has received in the last 24 hours.
  • Mass Email. Send an email message to all of the people who have submitted a given form. This feature requires that you ask every user for their email address as well as receive permission to send them email. We provide the features to do this.
  • Email Field Constraints. You can now choose the fields that will be included when form results are emailed. This is useful for excluding certain information from being emailed such as credit card information.
  • Email Result Links. Links are now included with emailed form results that enable you to view a given form submission in "form context" (your form is displayed with the results filled in). There is a secure link as well as a standard link. For complex forms, this makes viewing the form submission much easier.
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  • Auto-Responder. Optionally, an email response can now be sent automatically to the person that completes your form. You have control over the title of the email, the email content, and the email address from which it appears the email was sent. The “Email Address” item type is used to configure this feature.
  • Links to uploaded attachments are now included with email results.
  • Table Results have been enhanced to have a cleaner appearance when answers are very long or question text is very long.
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  • Increased server capacity by 8 fold. Honoring our commitment to remain one of the fastest sites on the Internet and to offer the highest level of service possible, we have significantly increased our server capacity. Our goal is to remain under 30% utilization during peak traffic periods.
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  • Email Item Type. This special item makes form result emails sent to you appear as though they were sent by the person filling out your form. This enables you to reply directly to the person who completed your form.
  • Text field formatting. The results for the text field item type can now be formatted as text, link, or email. This enables types of link and html to be “clicked” on when viewing results to either open the link or your mail client to send a message.
  • Form Information Enhancements. Code to produce HTML links to forms, as well as results, is now displayed in a separate window making it easy to cut and paste into existing web pages.
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  • Link Item Type. Add HTML links to your forms without knowing HTML
  • Image Item Type. Add Images to your form without knowing HTML.
  • Text Areas now automatically wrap in most browsers
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  • Search Results. Searches can involve one or more fields using either AND or OR logic to constrain the search.
  • Public View Constraints. You can now choose the fields that will be displayed to the general public when sharing results.
  • Public Table View. Links are now provided so that either the Result Summary Table (grid) or the Result Summary (graphs) can be displayed to the general public.
  • Question Positioning. Questions can now be positioned above, to the right, and to the left of the answer field.
  • Other Question Type. Optionally, an “OTHER” choice can now be defined for both Radio Buttons and Check Box question types.
  • Font Size and Face. Font size and face (type) can now be specified for your form. Choose your own font type or choose from one of the many pre-defined font faces we have listed.
  • Improved Uploads. The process for uploading both images and data has been simplified.
  • Download Delimiter. You can now specify the delimiter used to separate columns for downloaded data. Features have also been added to make working with large result sets (>1000) easier.
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  • Attachments. Any type of file may be attached and included as a part of a form’s result set. All users receive 1 MB of space to hold attachments. Additional space can be purchased. After logging in, go to My Account for details.
  • Color Control. A 216 color pallet has been added to control background, text, link, active link, and visited link colors.
  • Color Headers. A new item type, Segment Header, has been added. This item type allows you to create colorful headers or text descriptions without having any knowledge of HTML.
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  • New result option “Summary Table” provides a more condensed view of results. This format can also be downloaded.
  • There is no longer a limitation of 20 choices for radio button and check box questions.
  • If you choose to make form results public, the URL to access the public results is now provided in the Form Information page.
  • Many cosmetic changes have been made to maximize the amount of information that can be viewed at any one time.
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