Yearly Archives: 2008


  • Specify a local timezone to apply to all displayed dates and times.
  • Admin Item setting to create “for internal use only” items.
  • New embeddable chart for each individual item’s results.
  • Basic inventory management.
  • Piping feature now allows piping of a default value for unanswered questions.
  • “Secure Form” setting to require a form to enforce security requirements.
  • Optionally encrypt results for text field items.
  • Results for Hidden Field items are now editable.
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  • Introducing the Formsite API.
  • Access your results in a well-defined XML format.
  • Allows for your own custom applications to interface with your form results.
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  • Default values can be set for all text and multiple choice items.
  • Set a min/max number of selectable choices for check box items.
  • Require only a subset of choices for Ranking items to be ranked.
  • Create multiple Success Pages for a single form.
  • Updated interface for Success Pages and Results Views pages.
  • New Quantity List order form item.
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  • New documentation highlighting key features of Formsite.
  • Drag and Drop functionality added to Edit Area.
  • Updated item setting pages.
  • Ability to change the type of an item.
  • Ability to edit a block of selected of items.
  • Skip/Branch settings added to each item’s edit page.
  • Support for all common world languages through the UTF-8 character set.
  • Download all form attachments in a single ZIP file.
  • New templates for the 2008 United States Presidential Race.
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  • Site-wide interface redesigned and overhauled.
  • Improved site layout and menu system features increased usability.
  • Home page shows expanded information and provides quick access to any form.
  • Reports page gives detailed form statistics and charts.
  • Configure page controls most form settings in one place.
  • Account Status page provides a central location to view account and per-form limits.
  • Publish page makes it easier to view and share your forms and results.
  • Attachments page allows you to upload any file to use with your Formsite account.
  • Optionally delete only a subset of your results based on their submission time.
  • New Captcha form item to combat form spam.
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