Yearly Archives: 1999


  • Added “Copy Item” so that existing form items can be copied.
  • A new form item has been added which allows you to have users’ input into a form mailed to them. The user provides their email address and the results of their form submission are mailed to them.
  • Added “Optional Identifier” to each form item type. For users who choose to take advantage of HTML formatting in their questions, this “Identifier” makes the presentation within cleaner.
  • Further streamlined the form building process.
  • Standardized a process and pricing for custom form development.
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  • MS FrontPage backgrounds are now available to all users.
  • Multiple Result Delete – Using check boxes indicate which results should be deleted in one operation.
  • Move Up / Move Down – change the ordering of already created form items.
  • Form Copy – copy an existing form.
  • Success HTML Page – optionally provide your own HTML to be displayed after a form is successfully submitted.
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  • Secure Login and Secure Results viewing.
  • Cookie support is no longer required for form creation.
  • Cosmetic changes aimed at users with small monitors.
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  • Upgraded our server and networking infrastructure. The new server is 5-10 times faster than the old server resulting in sub-second response times for almost all requests. The networking infrastructure is now comprised of redundant UUNet, MCI, and GTE International OC-12 lines.
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  • Added Password Protected Form Option. Professional users can now optionally password protect access to their forms.
  • Performance enhancements to form building process.
  • Bug fixes
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  • Added Partnership Program. Sites can now partner with and have their ad banners shown for free.
  • Showcase – see how others are taking advantage of the site.
  • Cosmetic changes aimed at making the site easier to use and understand.
  • Changes to boost performance and add better error tracking.
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  • Third-Party Update – Optionally allow users of your form to update form results.
  • Upload Data – data can now be uploaded into existing forms.
  • Re-locate Forms – optionally move forms created using to another server.
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2/7/99 – Version 1.0

  • Thawte Digital Certificate for secure forms (SSL).
  • Image Upload – store your images on Formsite.
  • Two service levels are now offered, Introductory (free) and Professional.
  • CyberCash credit card order processing.
  • Account Status – level of service and next billing date if applicable.
  • Enhanced Result Table.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.
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1/24/99 – Version 0.99

  • Result Sorting – sort any result column ascending or descending.
  • Controls to assist with viewing large numbers of results (> 100).
  • Form Results can now be mailed to multiple email addresses.
  • Enhancements targeted at Internet Explorer Users.
  • Graphics / Navigation changes.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.
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