Yearly Archives: 2007


  • New Piping feature allows you to insert results as text into another item.
  • Skip/Branch feature enhanced to give more control over form logic.
  • Multiple custom Results Views can now be created and used.
  • New Embedding options for Forms and Results.
  • Validation for responses to Short Answer items.
  • PayPal subscriptions/recurring payments.
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  • New calendar, address block, and credit card block items for forms.
  • New RSS/Atom Feed for form results.
  • Secure email and email friendly HTML options added.
  • New result table format.
  • New error message presentation on forms.
  • Look & Feel now extends to all pages including: Form Login, Results Login, Public Results, Form Closings.
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  • Modernized look & feel of forms.
  • Form SPAM protection – Security features to prevent robots from completing forms.
  • Updated Form Templates.
  • Many minor bug fixes including fixes for Internet Explorer 7.
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