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Integrate Online Forms with Constant Contact

Formsite Constant Contact integration

Online form owners use Formsite’s integrations to use form data with other online services. For example, our new Constant Contact integration lets form owners send results data to one or more lists after each submission. Constant Contact provides communication services that work great with Formsite.

Constant Contact lets organizations create campaigns to send email, post to social media accounts, and more. Email campaigns allow companies to stay in touch with subscribers and customers through their inbox. Using Formsite’s integration, form owners can add email addresses and other form data to lists.

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Send SMS Notifications with Online Forms

Formsite SMS from online form

Formsite’s Notifications let form owners send email after every new form submission. Many customers use email to also send text messages using email to SMS services. Most major mobile phone service providers have ways to send email to SMS using the phone number.

This method requires knowing the phone number and service provider, however. Form owners looking to keep forms short may not want to ask for more information than necessary.

Formsite lets form owners use Zapier to send to many SMS services like Twilio and ClickSend SMS. Send to customers and staff members for instant confirmations and alerts for new results.

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