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New Feature: Reorder Choices with Saved Results

Formsite reorder choices

The Formsite development team proudly presents a new feature for form maintenance. We now support editing multi-select form items to reorder choices. That means Radio Buttons, Dropdowns, and Checkboxes allow reordering without affecting the saved results.

For example, consider a Dropdown list with global country names and many saved results. If one of the countries decides to change its name, the list of choices may need changing for alphabetical order.

Before, form owners needed to take care not to change the choices. Now, choices can move and keep their correct result values intact.

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PayPal Integration Updates With New Payment Features

Formsite PayPal integration updates

PayPal and Formsite have made order forms and online payments easy for many years. Recent updates to the PayPal integration make building online order forms easier than ever. With three options to support any PayPal account, Formsite provides the newest ways for collecting secure payments.

The new payment experience lets PayPal account holders collect payments in all new ways like:

  • PayPal and PayPal Credit
  • Venmo, Giropay, iDeal, Sofort and many other alternative payment methods
  • Major credit and debit cards
  • PayPal Credit with Pay Later and Pay in 4
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Rename Files When Exporting Attachments

Formsite rename files examples

Formsite online forms let form owners collect all kinds of information from form visitors. Whether from registration forms, order forms, or surveys, file attachments are a popular addition to many forms. For example, forms for recording an inspection result can include attached photos for more clarity. Form owners can now rename files when exporting, sending emails, or saving to cloud storage services.

Uploaded files or attachments have several options for form owners including:

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How to Create an Online Form With PayPal

Formsite PayPal online order forms

Custom online forms that accept PayPal payments, debit card, and credit card payments are easy with Formsite. Process secure payments and collect data with forms customized for your organization. Use the PayPal integration to collect payments with all kinds of forms like order forms, event registrations, and subscriptions, for example.

Best Practices for Creating Online Forms

While every form and survey is different, best practices for usability and easy building apply for all. From college applications to restaurant order forms, these tips help form owners and visitors alike:

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Create a Custom PDF with Images and Text from Results

Formsite Custom PDF Results Doc example

Formsite’s Results Docs lets form owners generate PDF or Word documents from form results. The original format provided the built-in Table format as a PDF file, then expanded to merge results with PDF and Word templates. The newest feature is the Custom PDF format that adds support for including uploaded images and text in the generated PDF file.

There are three fundamental formats for Results Docs:

The differences between Results Docs formats let form owners decide how the final documents appear. The built-in Table PDF format displays the results answers in a table in a PDF document. The Table PDF does not show any images or extra text. Only the answers to the form items show, and the style is not able to change.

The Merged PDF and Merged Word Docx formats allow for creating templates with placeholders. Using the Merged PDF format, form owners create fillable PDFs with form fields that receive text from the form result. The Merged Word Docx format uses placeholder codes that do the same. These formats allow the template documents to contain images, text, and other formatting and style elements. Every document that uses the template contains the template images, text, and style.

The Custom PDF format behaves like the Merged formats but doesn't need the template file. Form owners build the template using the editor on the Results Docs page, then include any custom text and images, too. Along with adding custom images, the Custom PDF format also allows for including images uploaded by the form visitor.

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Online Signature Options for Documents, Forms & More

Formsite online signature

Use Formsite's online signature capabilities for collecting results with legal needs. Form results record the exact time and ip address of the user by default, which satisfies most validations. Users with higher legal attribution needs can use an integration with deeper data collection.

Examples of forms commonly using signatures include:

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How To Create an Online Evaluation Form

Formsite evaluation form tutorial

Evaluation forms make it easy to collect valuable feedback so you can discover ways to improve your process and organization. This tutorial will guide you through building the exact online evaluation form you need. Examples of evaluation forms include:

Formsite has dozens of popular and useful evaluation form templates to customize with our form builder tool. Does your company have a rating system or rating scale that's proprietary? Do you need an employee evaluation form that addresses communication skills? Are open-ended questions a better fit for the evaluation you're conducting? Each one of our sample survey templates and questionnaires is customizable to suit your exact needs. Even better, building your free online evaluation form is easy with Formsite.

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How to Collect Large Files and Many Files with Online Forms

Formsite large files example

Formsite’s File Upload item lets form owners provide visitors a way to attach files with their form submission. The files appear in the form result and can send with Notifications as email attachments if needed. Also, the cloud storage integrations allow form owners to send copies of files to an account in the cloud. Sometimes form owners need ways to deal with large files and many files, however.

For example, the File Upload item lets form owners set the max number of files to collect. Besides the number of files, the File Upload item settings include the max file size for each file. If the item collects 10 files at 100mb per file, that result could potentially reach 1gb (1,000mb) by itself. Multiply that by 100 or 1,000 results and the file space adds up fast.

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Employment Forms Templates and Best Practices

Formsite employment forms

Find online employment forms for applications and other employment uses in Formsite’s template area. Perfect for large or small businesses with needs for human resources forms like:

Online forms make collecting and maintaining employee information an easy task. Formsite makes it even easier with no programming or code editing needed. Either use the Formsite account to track and communicate with employees or use an integration to send the data elsewhere.

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